Patricia Caneda

Patricia Caneda migrated from Guatemala Central America at the age of 15 as her mother was on pursuit to a better life to provide for her.  She graduated From Belmont High school and helped her mother at night or weekends. She saw how hard her mom had to work and how difficult it was to provide and put food on the table she had three jobs. Patricia felt the need to find a better job to help her mother. She worked for LA Unified School District for 12 years, as a computer coordinator and attended college at night for Liberal Arts major, however not feeling she was doing enough she retired from the school district and attended pre-med school on pursuit to attend chiropractic college, but always looking to enhance her life achievement, she knew something else was missing, she went on to work for the entertainment industry for 19 years, 7 of which she worked for channel 7 in broadcast and television. She was laid off in 2009 and had her own business as well as worked at La Fitness as a Personal training Director, where she found helping people was her thru passion.  She started with Virtuity Financial over a year ago where she found her calling.  She has a degree in liberal arts, health science and computer science.

Today, Patricia is building a successful business in California and mentor, train, and coach hundreds of people who would like to become licensed financial professionals. They also help families achieve their financial goals using the simple concept of paying yourself first.