Rose Macias

Sara Rose Macias, who goes by her middle name Rose, was born on June 11, 1989, in San Bernardino, California. Grew up in a household of 3 children and is the middle child of 2 brothers.

Her mother’s ethnicity is German, Irish, Dutch, and Cherokee Indian and her father’s ethnicity is Hispanic. She was active in sports the minute she was of age and played soccer and volleyball all the way through k-12. She grew up in public schools and was forced to grow up early due to family divorce and illness.

Her father is a diabetic, and her mother was diagnosed with cancer when Rose was the age of 16. Growing up she used sports was a way to go through the daily stresses of having a single mom who needed help medically and financially. Ever since the age of 16, she has been working to help support her mother. Graduated high school at Colton High School with honors and was well known for her hard work teachers pet attitude. She was captain for soccer and volleyball both junior and senior year and finished strong by receiving the highest honor in athletics, CIF Athlete of the Year in 2007.

She went to a junior college due to self-funding at College of the Desert for liberal arts and business. During college, she participated in Volleyball and became the first Volleyball team in COD history to ever go undefeated and they did it 2 years straight. She was appointed captain both years she attended.

In the work force she found her self in restaurants and continued to work her way up the food and beverage ladder that led her into management at multiple fine dining resorts and hotels. She worked at Hyatt in Palm Springs, Sheraton Universal in Studio City, Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside, Pacific Palms Resort in City of Industry, and ended her 7-year experience in fine dining and hospitality at Houston’s Steakhouse in Manhattan Beach. She then became full-time in Real Estate and due to her desire to retire her mother and give her the life of her dreams she continued to look for more opportunity for wealth.

In 2015 she was hired at World Financial Group and in her first year became a broker and Senior Marketing Director in the company. She is now is associated with multiple S&P500 companies that deal with insurance and secure investments for wealth. With her life experiences in seeing her mom go through many financial burdens growing up such as foreclosure, loss of pensions, loss of money in market, lay offs, illness, and also being a widow; she is now known as one of the most passionate women brokers in the company.

She is also known for her events where she focuses on helping women from ever going through the financial losses that see had seen her mother experience first hand. She is a top educator for teaching individuals and businesses on how to keep up with inflation, not loose money in the market, how to create your own pension, and how to maintain wealth during in the event of death and illness. Rose is currently established with non-profits educating on financial literacy and has been asked to be an advisor for California Schools giving financial workshops for scholarships.

Her biggest love his her relationship with Christ and her mission to give back to others especially women. Today she considers her self a World Traveler and a Woman Power Coordinator and encourages both titles. She is on track to expanding nationwide and dedicating to spend all of her life making a difference. She’s proof that no matter the dream, anyone, no matter the background, no matter your adversity that you can achieve it, if you believe it.