Sean P. – Carson High School

As a young individual, it is a burden to save money because we are so caught up in the idea of possessing glammy, materialistic things such as clothes, cars, shoes, and so much more to impress other. In today’s society, we believe the key to happiness and fulfillment is more and more possessions. Young adults often have a bad habit of spending more when making more, leading them to create a large amount of debt for themselves. Many people dig a hole that they cannot climb out of. That is why it is important to adopt a series of traits and habits to prevent situations in which young adults are drowned in debt.

To build character when spending, an individual should practice self-control. It is important to distinguish ‘ needs’ and ‘ wants’. Young adults should ask themselves if the item they are about to buy is a necessity. An item is only necessary if it contributes to the health and well-being of the individual. Things like expensive, designer clothing are not necessary to the survival of an individual. What is the point of buying $400 Jordan sneakers when you can buy $50 Vans shoes that provide the same function? As you make a purchase, you should ask yourself what other things you can buy or get with the money you are about to spend. Reflecting on purchases can help an individual realize how valuable the money they spend is and what it can actually be used for. When you buy invaluable devices or objects, you’re utilizing money that you can use for more important things such as food or college.

Another key to remain debt free is to stay focused and determined. It is important to say “NO” to certain desires that can add onto your debt. Creating a budget is important so you limit yourself and track your purchases, making it easier to decide between important items and needless ones. By creating a budget, you create a ceiling for spending so you don’t exceed and create more problems. It is crucial to focus on your goal of saving. Make it a habit to be determined to save and let others know that it is your goal so that they may help on your journey. Inputting the practice of saving into your everyday life creates a lifetime habit of saving and eliminating the cravings of expensive, materialistic things.

Lastly, of course, get a job. Depending on other sources for money is only going to build up debt. Utilize your youth and time to get a job and gather up savings. Getting a job shows you just how hard it is to earn money and how easy it is to spend. This experience experiences the importance of saving and influences people to use their money wisely.