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NuVision Federal Credit Union Essay Challenge

In order to have a successful future, it is crucial to manage our money wisely. It’s best to start saving our money as young adults so it’s easier to start securing our life financially for our retirement. There are many simple ways to become better money savers as college and even high school students.

As a high school student, it’s not that difficult to do simple things that can help in the long run financially. One way to save money is to look for places that offer student discounts. There are a variety of places, such as restaurants, bookstores, and movie theaters that give discounts to high school students as long as they have their student l.D.s. Even though it’s normal for teenagers to go out with friends a lot, they can lessen the number of times they go out and instead, hang out with their friends at someone’s house; this way, they can still enjoy time with their friends without spending a lot of money. Along with the idea of spending a lot of money going out, teenagers can also limit the amount of times they eat at restaurants or fast food places. Instead of eating out a lot, they can help make food at home and buy, for example, a burger and fries, every once in a while. Also, students can get a job, so they can put most of the money they make towards college tuition and the rest can be used for whatever they want to buy, such as new clothes or shoes.

College is where young adults can use these money saving strategies the most. One of the biggest expenses for college is buying books. Instead of buying new books, college students can buy used books and sell their own books once they’re done using them. Most students in college either live at the college they are attending or rent an apartment around that college, so an important necessity when living on your own, is food. It is much less expensive to purchase food from the grocery store than buying fast food a majority of the time. Also, while shopping, it’s easy to save money by looking for items or food on sale and purchasing generic instead of name brand items. Students should take advantage of the student discounts that are given at restaurants, movie theaters, and clothing stores. A good way to earn some extra money is finding a job on-campus or selling things such as: furniture, clothes, or shoes that aren’t used or worn anymore.

In the next five years, I am going to apply these money saving methods to handle my money better. A huge part that will help me accomplish my goal of being financially secure is reminding myself of the difference between a want and a need. I know that a want is something I can live without and a luxury or pleasure, such as an expensive phone or new shoes when I already have enough pairs, while a need is something that I must have in order for me to live properly, such as food and water. I must know that all my necessities come first before any of my wants. Also, I can look for a job to earn money to go towards any loans I might need to pay off in college, any necessities, and some as spending money. When I’m in college I want to make sure I manage the money I have by figuring out what must be paid for and splitting up my money to take care of things, such as books, student loans, tuition, and rent if l’m living in an apartment.

Before writing this essay, I never really thought about how vital it is for me to begin saving money and thinking about my retirement plans at such a young age. I learned numerous approaches to become a better saver, which I hope to follow now and for the rest of my life. I strive to live a life in which I am financially stable enough and prepared to cope with any expenses that come my way, such as buying a house, car, or raising a family.