Stacy W. – Lakewood High School

Nuvision Challenge Essay

College freshmen each year begin with as much financial aid they can get, which excites them and they often spend it all too quickly and struggle throughout the remainder of the school year until their next financial aid check. What most don’t realize, however, is how easy and simple it can be it can be to save money like learning self-control once you have money, putting money away for later use, and even creating a budget often for the year can be a pleasure.
The Average monthly budget at the least can come to be $2,000- and is very doable. In order to achieve this is to first begin planning out your expenses towards the end of the year, in preparation for the New Year. Listing all of one expense and their amounts can make it seem like less than they actually are, at the same time, relieving some stress about how much things cost in regard to your bills.
Learning self-control can have a drastic change towards how much you spend.

This means no dining out, learning to cook for yourself can cost an easy six to five dollars but eating out just once can be an easy thirteen dollars. According to learning to cook can be more efficient. Everyone has credit and debit cards which makes it easy to get a bad credit score and go into debt. Spending a vast amount of money can create and increase an

amount of unnecessary fees that may spiral out of control. The best way to keep a functional and manageable financial system is to avoid using credit card and limit your debit card use. Keeping your bank account accessible at all times or having a limit set on your card to limit your use and tell you when you have reached your max.
By investing, creating a yearly budget, and learning basic skills that will reduce your spending cost such as learning how to cook for yourself a freshman in college can become and conserve to live a most financially stable life in college.