Tre’Mayne Y. – Carson High School

NuVision’s 2017 Think.Tank.Essay Challenge

Being homeless as a child has allowed me to value the simple things in life a lot better than the average individual like having money and learning to not spend too much of it on unnecessary things but overtime as I have gotten older and no longer homeless, 1 have been focusing so much on having new things and using money to get everything, that1 have lost the mentality that I once had when money was more scarce.

My goals in life before viewing the lessons was to get al] A’s and to live life not struggling so much but that has slightly changed as I realized that my ideas didn’t have any plans or set actions in place in order to make them happen. I didn’t really focus much on how many factors plays into my goals but these lessons has allowed me to look at things differently especially for my future. For example, on my 15th birthday, I had went to the mall with my friends and spent over $60 dollars on food because I would by food that I had seen as I walked by and I wouldn’t even look for any discounts or realize that I was buying food of impulse while being hungry, which I learned are bad habits to have especially when using money. So instead of buying something simply because it looks goods or because I see it, I will ask myself these three questions; Is this a need or a want?, Are there any coupons or discounts available?, and Is this affordable? Which will help me develop a habit of being sure of my actions before I actually act on them? I can also use the available food that’s given for breakfast and lunch at school instead of spending money on fast food. Even drinking water from the water fountain can and will save the money that you would have used on something that maybe you didn’t need. In addition to the three questions, this lesson will be able to be a reminder for me on why I don’t need to overly cautious when getting hand-me-downs, using discounts and using money effectively because those are little actions that will make a huge impact on the way I act and grow into a young adult.

As I am getting ready for college, I know that it can be expensive and my plan for paying for college was solely FAFSA and Scholarships, which is good but I didn’t really understand how saving money in college can help me pay for it. I didn’t know that I can rent books or even buy them online instead of paying for a book that I may barely need or use which could save me a lot of money for tuition in college. These lessons from Nu Vision has made me understand that life is not as hard as it seems it as hard as you make it, which is why I found the tips on How students can be financially successful very beneficial because I’ m not more aware that having fun or enjoying myself doesn’t require me to spend a lot of money, especially if I chose to stay at home. While staying at home may seem boring, you can relieve stress by playing board games with the family, play family games or by just simply relaxing with or without friends. Going to the library can have its perks because at the library you can check out books, use the internet, rent movies and TV-shows.

Now learning new tips and ideas on how I can become financially successful and buy simply making better of use of my money and by being aware on the opportunities available in your community, school and the word, I will able to have a clear head and plan my goals more accordingly.