Victor R. – City Honors College Preparatory

Money is expensive, it’s valuable, and it’s greedy. It’s something everyone wants and needs. But the people that have money seem to take it for granted. When I think of money I think of life. Money is a part of your everyday life. Money equals life. It may seem funny but in a way it’s true. “Life is a game, Money is how we keep score” (Ted Turner an American businessmen) without money people wouldn’t be where they are now. People would be struggling. Before the workshop, I saw money as something you can’t live without. Whenever I had gotten money I used it and spent it. But after going to this workshop it taught me a few things about money and about investing in savings.

The main thing I got from this workshop is that saving your money is better than using your money on things that you don’t really need. Saving allows one to build a foundation towards bigger and better things. With saving I’m allowed to focus more on my education. What stood out the most for me is how much you can do with money when you save. It impacted me a lot.

When you sacrifice, work hard, and dedicate yourself to your goals, your future then you can get anywhere. When you make a decision to get things done, to be better, to do more and be more, when you show self-discipline you have more success in your life. When you make choices, you get new results, with new results you get a new transformation. My ultimate goal is to graduate out of high school 4.5gpa, go to UC Berkeley and become a lawyer and then work my way up to become a judge. I want to be able to help and provide for my family. I want to be there for my mother so she won’t have to struggle any longer. As I got older I saw my mother struggle with money more and it hurt. Having to see her live paycheck to paycheck with no strategy made me want to work harder to help her. I don’t want her to go through that anymore. I want to be there for her.

After I left the workshop and started to think about my life and what I’m going to do for my future. I’m going to take this and I’m going to make good use of it. I am going to start saving money and start focusing more on my education. When I go on my summer vacation I’m going to get a job and start to save my money. I think that if my mother had this information before all of this years ago, we would have been more stable and have had a better life. What I mean by that is with this information beforehand, it would have been easier with our life. We wouldn’t have to struggle as much. I am so thankful that I had got this opportunity to be a part of this whole thing. The workshop taught me a lot of things about money and about saving. As I get older I will now plan the things I want to achieve in life so things can go well; and Save my money so that when I leave I will be able to provide for everyone in my family.