Yesenia M. – Bell Gardens High School

The Truth of becoming a Better Saver

Money, the American currency which society uncontrollably uses. It’s the federal note in which people, specifically millennials, spend without acknowledging the importance of saving rather than spending. We live on today’s truth, were young premature adults, have the greatest tendency to constantly spend money when accessed to it. It almost feels like they are psychologically programmed to behave this certain way. Nevertheless, there are consequences following these bad habits such as, incessant piles of bills, the abundant amount of stress, and constantly becoming penniless. It is a never-ending loop that needs to be put to an end. With the aid of these money-saving tips, young adults can prevent those negative outcomes, not to mention, become better savers by setting a solid goal and prioritizing the important items. Millennials can also remain debt-free if they reevaluate their choices of overspending on futile products, hence developing a fully-structured savings plan for the future.

One of the few important aspects of becoming a better saver is establishing a solid goal or wish. It is evident that many wish for a beautiful 2 story house with a 6-feet pool and a big yard, or a two week trip to Hawaii. Therefore, saving at least 35% of your average monthly paycheck, let’s say $2,500 for at least 10 or more years, it can get you roughly about $90,000 in savings. The burning desire of obtaining these luxurious items gives people hope and the motivation needed to save that type of money. Likewise, prioritizing the most crucial and useful items, instead of impractical ones, not only they would become better savers, additionally, it would help them stay debt free. Before purchasing any big item, one must consider, Is it beneficial? Is it going to help me in any way? Am I losing or gaining anything? Asking yourself these questions will help acknowledge in depth the importance of the item, more specifically assisting young adults by making better life choices. Withal, considering what young adults purchase, in addition to, establishing an ambitious goal; will become a closer step in becoming a better saver rather than a spender.

Often times, young adults can mindlessly spend money on foolish things, without being aware of the monthly payments they have to make. If those dues or bills are not fully paid, after time it grows into debt. Juveniles can forestall this from happening by creating a strict budget, as well as being fully embarked on saving. Limiting on how much you would regularly spend, will in fact, decrease your chances of getting yourself heavily indebted. Furthermore, it will trigger an enthusiastic urge for saving, and will eventually adapt to a habit. In regards to saving, it has been proven that the more you save, the more successful you will be in life. Preserving either tax, credit, or work money will save you money, and yourself from trouble. Throughout time, young adults learned how to use money, however, they were never taught the value of using it wisely. Creating a financial plan, establishing a concise yet powerful goal, and fully committing yourself to saving, young adults will be more on their way to building affluence, as for responsibility and commitment.